TIGERS Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures And Why They Thrive provides leaders a path for building an authentic team-based work culture.

Based on the TIGERS model of collaborative values – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success – this book describes breakthrough practices for instilling collaboration in teams of two to hundreds.
It shows how the creation of an authentic team culture in your workplace results in optimum productivity for your business and personal and professional fulfillment for employees.

It teaches you what an authentic team-based culture actually looks like in the workplace  –  how it functions and why it works through best practices shared by online shoe store giant Zappos.com, cut flower grower Dos Gringos,  Canadian Franchiser 4Refuel, and advertising agency Tribe Inc.

You will discover how to unlock your employees’ desire to make a difference and to treat your company with the level of care and commitment as if it were their own. 

 My thanks to Dianne Crampton for writing TIGERS Among Us. Wherever I go around the country talking to people about Toyota Culture I inevitably get questions about organizations other than Toyota that have been able to establish a culture of continuous improvement, trust and respect. I am now happy to have TIGERS Among Us as a resource to support these companies. Not only does Dianne do a great job in explaining the role of timeless principles in your organizations, but she also provides actual examples of companies that have been successful doing so.

–  Michael Hoseus Co-author,  The Toyota Culture 

$16.95 Paperback


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